Supporting United Reform to serve the homeless, refugees & orphans

26 April, 2021 | Sponsorship

Some of us ventured down to Woking town centre on a sunny Saturday afternoon to support United Reform in their efforts providing free food and drinks to those in need. As Hamza Ali Shah, Founder of United Relief, explained in this day age, there are many people struggling and trying not to show it. Distributing free food, snacks and drinks to whoever needs it, no questions asked, is a small thing we can do that will make a big difference to some. Our MD, Omar Al-Hasso had the opportunity to briefly share his thoughts on why supporting United Relief both through financial contributions and in person on the day was a natural fit for Phi and ties so closely into our values. Click here to watch the video.

It is great to witness the kindness of strangers. We look forward to continuing to support United Relief on future projects and finding other good causes to support in the communities we work in.

To follow United Relief on Instagram: @United_Relief

Please provide any financial support you can by clicking this link to United Reform’s Just Giving Page.